About Us

Global summit on Agriculture & Organic farming
May20-21, 2020 Tokyo Japan
Theme: A Sustainable Eco-Friendly Agricultural Approach to Crop Improvement

On behalf of Organizing Committee of Agriculture Asia Pacific 2020, we take immense pleasure in inviting all the participants over the world to attend the “Global summit on Agriculture & Organic farming” will be held during May 20-21, 2020 at Tokyo Japan with theme “A Sustainable Eco-Friendly Agricultural Approach to Crop Improvement”.
Why to attend?
The present research on Emerging technologies and Strategies, Integrated farming and Sustainable Agriculture, Crop improvements, the most current updates in Plant and Soil Science , Agriculture & Organic farming are hallmarks of this Conference. Lead introductions, disseminate data, foster networking with present and potential specialists, make a splash with latest improvements, and participation acknowledgment at this II day occasion. Agriculture Asia Pacific 2020 makes you move, learn and embrace better approaches to enhance Agriculture and Organic Framing professional career prospects.

Target Audience:

·         Agriculture Science Faculty, Students, Scientists
·         Plant Science Faculty, Students, Scientists
·         Animal Science Faculty, Students, Scientists
·         Soil Science and Agricultural Universities
·         Forestry and Landscaping Scientists
·         Agriculture and Plant Associations & Societies
·         Business Entrepreneurs and Exhibitors
·         Research & Training Institutes
·         Seed Science and Weed Management Researchers 
·         Soil science and soil-plant nutrition Experts
·         Agriculture & Food Security
·         Manufacturing Agricultural Devices Companies
·         R&D Laboratories, Chemical & Fertilizers Industries
·         Media partners and Collaborators
·         International Delegates and global observers
·         Students and Young Researchers
Agriculture Asia Pacific 2020 is the reputed conference which aims to provide best platform to explore the emerging strategies and technologies in Agriculture and Organic Farming.
Join us for a symphony of outstanding science, and enjoy the spectacular and unique beauty of Tokyo, Japan.
For long lasting scientific relation follow us https://agriculture.agriconferences.com/