Organic Farming vs Conventional Farming

Track 4 : Organic Farming vs Conventional Farming

A specific type of agricultural production termed as "organic farming" discontinues the use of harmful synthetic pesticides in order to cultivate food and fiber. Biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity are all encouraged and enhanced by organic agriculture, a form for ecological production management. All food items, including meat, grains, dairy, eggs, and fibres, must be grown organically. For pest organisms to be expelled from their habitats and soil fertility to be maintained, organic farmers depend on a rise in biological diversity in the field. A healthier farm system is produced for humans, animals, and the environment by providing farm animals access to the outdoors and feeding them only organic food. Agricultural products that have been grown and developed in accordance with uniform standards are referred to be certified organic, they must be proven  by organizations which are recognized by the USDA.

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